About Me

I’m Adit, a computer engineering major at Georgia Tech, in Atlanta. I’ve lived here in Georgia since 2007. I’m an avid programmer who loves to automate all the things. I even run a Home Assistant instance on Kubernetes automate things around my home. I’m also very interested in rocketry and really anything that flys. I’m currently working on building my L1 rocket, which will fly to 700 meters.

Computers have always interested me. You can make them do almost everything, provided you know how to program them. I got started with basic coding in python, and then got into embedded coding, programming arduinos. I also started learning about networking and the devops field, as the core of it is automation.

While I love working with computers and on software, I’m also really interested in how they work. It seems like magic, even though technically, its just a bunch of circuits. Because of this, I decided to go for a computer engineering major, as opposed to computer science.

This website is a place for me to document and share my projects, ranging from purely software to embbeded IOT devices to rocketry.

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