Hi, I’m Adit Sachde! I’m an experienced computer engineering student attending the Georgia Institute of Technology. I have an understanding of embedded development, devops, and automation. I also have experience working with a variety of web technology such as Node.js and working with ecommerce. I am looking for an intership for Summer 2022.

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Digital Design Lab: Analysis, design, and simulation of FPGAs and HDL circuits. Incorporation into prototype computers. Write assembly language programs for the computer. Write lab reports and documentation conforming to technical standards.

Programming HW/SW Systems: Implement high-level language constructs in MIPS assembly. Embedded programming using C on platform based on the MIPS architecture.



Ramblin Rocket Club

Ramblin Rocket Club

Ramblin Rocket Club: The RRC is Georgia Tech’s rocketry club, featuring four subteams. I am part of the High Power Rocketry subteam, through which I have been building a model rocket over the last semester. Additionally, I will be serving on the executive board as secretary for the 2021 to 2022 year.



Get L1 Certified (Next 3 Months)

The NAR (National Association of Rocketry) is the organization that manages High Powered Rocketry in the US. For rocket motors beyond a certain size, you must be certified to use them. As part of my desire to learn rocketry and potentially work in the aerospace industry, I would like to get certified. I am in the process of building my Level 1 rocket, expected to fly to 700 meters.

The first step is to model the rocket using a program called OpenRocket, which lets me simulate the physics of the rocket, and understand the stability and other characteristics of the design I put together.

OpenRocket model of my L1 rocket

OpenRocket model of my L1 rocket

The next step is to actually build the rocket. There are a few major parts. First is the fin can, which involves expoying the fins to a set of rings that will hold the motor. Next, I will need to insert the fin can into an outer tube and add a nose cone and parachute. Finally, I will need to paint the rocket.

L1 Rocket Fin Can

L1 Rocket Fin Can

The last step? Launch it!

Get an Internship (Next Year)

In order to get the requried experience to get a job, I need to land an internship. In order to do so, I need to scope out the projects I have done and experience I already have. Next, I need to create a resume and a portfolio (this!) so that I can show recuriters and interviewers examples of what I am knowledgable about. Finally, I need to apply to internships this fall!

Launch a SaaS (Next 6 Months)

I have been working on a service that will help creators manage videos and related things. This started out as a program I wrote for myself, so I need to adapt it and build out features that will make it accessible to more people through a web based interface. I also need to do some market research to understand what users of such a service may want. Finally, I need to launch it! Since this is the first thing I have made that I will be polishing and putting out for public use, I want to make everything as nice as possible. However, there will always be things to fix, so at some point, I’m going to have to say its good enough and launch so that I can get some experience actually managing an online platform, and not just building it.

Get a Master’s Degree (Next 5 Years)

I would like to get a masters degree in computer science or engineering. To do so, there are a couple things that I need to achieve. Firstly, I am aiming for atleast a 3.5 GPA throughout my undergrad. Additionally, I am aiming to get research experience through Georgia Tech’s Vertically Integrated Projects program. I am also aiming to do a computer science thread as part of my computer engineering degree at Georgia Tech, so that I can get some experience with both subjects and figure out which masters I would like to pursue.